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    Where in Saint-Petersburg it is better to buy Russian watches at a good price?!

    Russian watches in Saint-Petersburg is better to buy not in the city centre where the prices for foreign tourists are very high. The most interesting shop of russian watches in St.Petersburg is located on Lermontovsky st. 55. “Russian watches” watch shop is mostly popular with Saint-Petersburg citizens and visitors from other cities of Russia.

    The unique feature of this watch shop, is an opportunity to buy watches almost of all Russian watch trade marks at the same place and under the prices of manufacturer!

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    Renewable energy sources - wood chips, bark, logs from Russia to European countries

    We offer and supply wood chips, bark and logs from North-West territory of Russia (Karelia, Sortavala, St.Petersburg, Vyborg) for European (Finland, Sweden) paper mills, heating plants and for anyone who is interested in this kind of renewable energy source. The transportation and delivery of wood chips, bark and logs is supported with heavy weight chip trucks and vans in any quantity starting from 1000 cubes. Train and ship delivery of wood chips, bark and logs are also possible. Prices are contractual. We are searching for reliable and long-term partners and will be happy to start our mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Please, contact us at spb@spbcontact.com

    Freight service company offers freight transportation services around the North-West territory of Russia (Karelia, Sortavala, Petrozavodsk, St.Petersburg) and Finland. We have five heavy weight trucks and more trailers of different shapes for different goods transportation. All necessary certificates and permissions for international transportation are available. We are ready to offer You good and reliable freight transportation service for affordable price starting from 1,1 euro/kilometer.

    Please, contact us at: spb@spbcontact.com

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Map of St.Petersburg, Russia.

The area of Saint Petersburg city proper is 605.8 square kilometers (233.9 sq mi). The area of the federal subject is 1,439 square kilometers (556 sq mi).

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    Interactive trip around St.Petersburg right from your computer!

    The most popular Russian search engine Yandex started panoramas of Russian cities and towns. 360° Panoramas give you an opportunity to enjoy virtual adventure walking down the streets for instance of Saint-Petersburg right from your computer. You can move any directions, read street’s names and building’s numbers, see the sights of Saint-Petersburg. This service helps to travel around Saint-Petersburg and enjoy its sights, to plan your own route of Saint-Petersburg city-tour and show your friends the places you visited. Read more…

    Artnight 2010 in Saint-Petersburg.

    The traditional “Night of Museums” in Saint-Petersburg will be held in 2010 on the night of 15 and 16 May. The cultural program will include two parts: evening museums (18:00 – 23:00) and night museums (21:00 – 06:00). All museums, exhibitions, galleries who take part in this cultural event will not only be open for visitors at night hours but all of them also offer their guests special cultural programs: one-day exhibitions, concerts, guided tours and many others… . As usual in 2010 visits to all museums will be by a single ticket.

  • Worth visiting

    Russian Vodka Museum in Saint-Petersburg

    Russian Vodka Museum is the first museum in Russia and in the world dedicated exclusively to Vodka. It provides the unique opportunity to discover the secrets of vodka making telling about centuries-old drinking traditions. Experienced guides will take you on exciting journey through Russian vodka history which helps you to understand, the importance of this drink. After the exhibition you’ll be invited to vodka tasting. It will take place in a room decorated as a drinking house of the beginning of the XX century. There, at a traditional high table one you’ll sample several kinds of vodka with traditional Russian snacks - “zakuski”. Read more…